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Howarths Cleaners

Howarths Cleaners

Are you looking for a professional cleaning company that operates in the area of Wandsworth? If you are, then you are definitely on the right website as we are the most acclaimed and sought after cleaners in the area.

We have been in the cleaning business for a number of years and throughout these years we have built for ourselves a rock solid reputation of reliable and highly competent professionals that can properly handle any type of cleaning project. Today we are the preferred cleaning contractors of the local inhabitants and business owners and this is a recognition that makes us extremely proud because it means that we have won the trust, loyalty and friendship of the Wandsworth community.

We are the best cleaners in Wandsworth due to our immaculate work ethics and company policies that we follow to the letter. The philosophies that we follow are:

  • Honesty – We value honesty and this is why we work in an open and transparent manner. This means that we will never keep you in the shadows and surprise you with hidden fees. With us what you see in your free quote is what you will receive from us and what you will owe us once your cleaning project is over.
  • Customer satisfaction – The satisfaction of our clients is of great importance to us and this is why we have tailored our services to match the highest standards of the cleaning industry. Therefore, rest assured that we will never compromise with the quality of our services and that we will always go through great lengths in order to meet your requirements and provide you the best possible services.
  • Never turn down a job - Declining services is bad for business and this is why we work with a flexible schedule that always have free slots for new and challenging projects.

To our knowledge we are the cleaners in Wandsworth with the largest array of cleaning services. Down below we have listed some of our most sought services:

  • Domestic and commercial cleaning services
  • Floor, carpet and rug cleaning services
  • Deep and dry cleaning services
  • Spring cleaning
  • Tenancy cleaning services
  • One off cleaning services

You can learn more about our company, methods of work and services by exploring our company website or contacting us via telephone or e-mail. Our contacts are posted on the contacts sub-page of our website. You can also check our deals

As we said above we operate in the district of Wandsworth. The area lies in the western parts of the city and is part of the London Borough of Wandsworth. The notable intersection of Charing Cross is situated at about five miles from the district. Wandsworth is indentified in the London Plan as one of the 35 major centres in Greater London. The eponymous Wandsworth Bridge is perhaps the most noted landmark of the area. It was opened in 1940 and is one of London’s most famous bridges. The structure has a total length of 200 metres and is 18 metres wide. According to the latest number over 50.000 vehicles pass through it on a daily basis.

Best Services

Carpet Cleaning

Don’t worry about your dirty, stained and soiled carpet because we are here to provide you the best carpet cleaning services in Wandsworth. The only thing that you have to do to benefit from our services is to call us.

End of Tenancy Cleaning

We provide cost effective end of tenancy cleaning services which you can use to conduct your moving out cleaning. Know that we are capable professionals, so retrieving your deposit is a certainty.

Oven Cleaning

Stained ovens are hard to clean because the stains have been baked into the interior walls of the appliance. Fortunately for you, we have the needed tools and products to remove such stains easily.

Domestic Cleaning

We are seasoned cleaners that provide domestic cleaning services of the highest standards. We work with reasonable prices, so hiring us won’t be a problem. Learn more about us on our website.

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Other Services

Home Services

House Cleaning

You can avoid living in a dirty household by using our perfectly well-tailored house cleaning services. We are the best cleaners in Wandsworth, so rest assured that we can handle your project flawlessly.

Cleaning Services

By using our professional cleaning services you will have the peace of mind that your home and place of work are free of harmful particles such as dirt, dust, germs and bacteria.

Spring Cleaning

Why handle your spring cleaning on your own, when you can have us by your side. After all we are the cleaners that provide the finest spring cleaning services in Wandsworth.

One Off Cleaning

We provide amazing one off cleaning services! We know that we sound arrogant but it’s not our fault that our services are the most sought and praised in the area.

Home Cleaning

Our home cleaning services are legendary. It is like this because they are tailored to match the highest international standards and are provided at reasonable prices which are fair to both parties.

Driveway Cleaning

The driveway is extremely hard to clean due to the resilient tire marks and gas and oil stains. So, play it safe and have us handle this cleaning routine for you.

Dry Carpet Cleaning

While the upper side of your carpet may be clean, it lower side is most certainly dirty. So, use our dry carpet cleaning services to completely and properly clean your carpet.

Hard Floor Cleaning

Hard floors can be tricky to clean but we are seasoned cleaners and therefore we know the cleaning industry like the back of our hands. So, don’t hesitate to use our hard floor cleaning services on a regular basis.

Kitchen Cleaning

We will be frank and tell you upfront that we provide the best kitchen cleaning services in Wandsworth. In fact we are so good at our job that we are considered to be a benchmark for quality.

Commercial Services

Office Cleaning

We can clean your office for you. We are cleaning experts that provide office cleanings services of top notch quality. All the jobs for which we are hired are conduct by a team of capable cleaners.

Window Cleaning

Clean windows means a better looking and more luminous property. So, if you don’t have the time to clean your windows have no worries and use our window cleaning services.

Commercial Cleaning

The other cleaners in Wandsworth cannot rival us when it comes to commercial cleaning services. It is so because only we have the necessary manpower and cleaning equipment to clean any type of commercial establishment.

Floor Cleaning

The material from which you floor is made won’t be an issue as we have the machines and cleaning solutions to immaculately clean all types of floors. You can simply have to call us in order to benefit from our services.

Professional Services

Sofa Cleaning

Having your guests sit on a stained and dirty couch is unacceptable. So, every now and then use our sofa cleaning services to maintain your couch clean and free of stains.

Rug Cleaning

As experienced cleaners we know how quickly rugs tend to soil and stain, however we also know how to efficient clean them. So, don’t wait long to use our rug cleaning services.

Upholstery Cleaning

Just like you wash your clothes, you must wash and clean your upholstery as well. If you don’t have the knowledge to handle the job, don’t be shy to use our upholstery cleaning services.

Professional Cleaning

When it comes to professional cleaning services we are the most accomplished company in the area. It is like this because only we have the manpower, know-how and tools to handle any project perfectly.

Deep Cleaning

Our deep cleaning services are the ideal solution for most of your cleaning problems. With the aid of our services you can finally remove the resilient stains from your carpet, rug and furniture upholstery.

Curtain Cleaning

Light curtains, heavy drapes or blinds, we can clean any type of window treatment via our curtain cleaning services. So, don’t wait long to get in touch with us and book us.

Mattress Cleaning

You must have the right machines to properly clean your mattress. Fortunately for you, we have the proper equipment and therefore we can provide you top quality mattress cleaning services.

Patio Cleaning

To our understanding we are the only cleaners in Wandsworth that provide patio cleaning services. We provide all our services, including this one at cost effective prices, so don’t worry that we may be out of your league.

Other Services

After Party Cleaning

We provide pre and after party cleaning services of exceptional quality. This is why we are the company of choice of the local community when it comes to this particular type of cleaning projects.

Ironing Services

We don’t specialise only in cleaning services but in clothe ironing as well. So, feel free to benefit from the finest ironing services in Wandsworth by simply giving us a call.


Don’t waste valuable time scouting the area of gardening services as you have already found us and we have the finest teams of professional gardeners at our disposal. Know that we are waiting for you call.


Entrusting strangers with your children isn’t something that you must be looking forward to. However know that our sitters are licensed and respectful professionals that will take good care of your kids.


We provide the best catering services in Wandsworth because we have the best cooks and waiters working for us. By using our services, your party will become the main event of the season.


We will happily assist you with your removal. We are skilled and professional contractors that maintain a large selection of diverse removal services and that work with cost effective moving fees.


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